March 2014 Meeting

7pm to 9pm – Wednesday 12th March 2014
Creative Living Centre, (behind TGI Fridays) Bury New Road, Prestwich, M25 3BL.
Cost: £10 payable on door

We have Rob P Brown coming over from Sheffield to share a time management talk he has delivered all over the UK.

Recently the 100 Happy Days organisers announced that 71% people failed the challenge to be happy for 100 days in a row due to lack of guess what as the main reason? That’s it – Time. In other words not enough time to be happy.

Work, relationships, children, happiness, not doing what we like, unhealthy lifestyle, lack of time is a very common excuse.

“Time Management is really a mislabelled problem, none of us has the ability to manage time, what we can do is manage what we do in the time we have available. In this talk I will share with you our top ten tips for managing time and our top ten time management mistakes. along with lots of stories, photos and anecdotes. Our clients tell us that even after this one hour (to the second!) presentation they can achieve between 11 & 35% more productivity.”
- Rob P Brown

Sieze this opportunity and invest in yourself by coming along to this evening.

To get the updates for this meeting and to RSVP please visit meetup:

November 2013 Meeting – Jayes Vora

How to Make 2014 an outstanding year

“The early bird catches the worm.”

Six weeks away from 2014 and you will have key strategies to help you make the best of 2014. The intention of the evening is so next year, on 31st Dec 2014 you can look back at the year and have a big smile on your face and know it was one of your best years yet.

One person spends whole year planning a two week holiday, the other person spends two weeks planning for the year. Results…?

You will also have a chance to celebrate your recent achievements and have some refreshments as well. Woo hoo!


October 2013 Meeting – Paul Ryder

Understanding Emotional games and how to create a win win relationship

The Discovery of Emotional Intelligence in Relationships is a powerful programme which looks at all areas of life in regards to relationships. The methods of learning the right things to say and using the correct body language although are useful do leave big gaps in the art of effective connections.

In the evenings programme we will cover the hidden beliefs and attitudes which are buried much deeper in the mind than we ever realised causing us to create behaviours which on the surface look like they are well meaning but are actually confusing others in our presence.

Paul created this programme from his own 22 years of personal research, he will take you on a journey of self discovery and to find the part of you which has hidden itself through a mindset which society has created accidentally but now holds us back from true connections with others.

Paul Ryder before founding Future Mind Training in 2003 was a personal fitness trainer since 1995 and a peak performance coach since 2000. As a successful author and public speaker, Paul is on a continual journey to create a means for people to access learning tools and materials that will make a difference in all aspects of life, from emotional well-being, confidence building, social-psychology, conflict resolution, goal setting and building better relationships.

August 2013 Meeting – Socialise and Celebrate

TGI Fridays

Fancy that Friday feeling on a Tuesday night? If so please join us at TGI Friday’s in Prestwich.

At our recent meetups due to time constraints we have not had a chance to socialise as much as we have wanted so this is a wonderful chance to meet and talk in a casual and fun environment.

There is no charge for this meetup so just bring the £10 you would normally pay to buy yourself drinks from the bar.

We’ll meet at 7pm at the bar. What will you be celebrating?

TGI Friday’s, Bury New Road, Prestwich, M25 3AJ, Manchester (map)

Look forward to seeing you all on the 16th

July 2013 Meeting – Steve Jack

Limitless – A Life Without Limits

This was a thought provoking experiential workshop (part one of two connected talks for the people of Manchester – Part two was hosted by Mastery Path) Steve introduced the 5 major factors that limit and condition people and the reason why we don’t get the results, happiness, wealth, love, confidence, health we are looking for in life. It’s all to do with faulty programming, and understanding the Mind-Body-Energy Triad that shapes all of life.

We explored the following key limiting programs that hold people back:

1. Nutritional deficiency and toxic overload

2. Movement deprivation

3. Limiting mental programming and unstable thoughts

4. Unbalanced emotions

5. Energetic woundings in the human bio-field.

Everything is vibrating energy, you had better learn how to match the vibrational frequency in your field with the results and outcome you want or you simply cannot materialise it into reality. It is law. Limitless teaches you how to do just that. – Steve Jack

Steve Jack is a thought leader, speaker and transformational facilitator in Mind – Body – Energy as it relates to high performance and living a life without limits. With background degrees in Psychology, Physical Education and a four year Diploma in Energy Healing Science from the acclaimed Barbara Brennan School of Healing, he has over 18 years of experience facilitating groups both as an international presenter and mind-body-energy high performance coach.

Steve has been inducted into the best selling author academy hall of fame, Author of numerous DVD’s, award winning publications, and part of the speaker team for the Youth Leadership Summit in Europe, he is as an accomplished international speaker, presenter of workshops, and a master of ceremonies. He works extensively in the professionals industry teaching Trainers and Health Coaches how to achieve breakthrough results in health, well being, weight loss and high performance.

He is a regular on the Professionals Speaking Conference circuit having presented in over 20 countries around the world. His thought provoking sessions change the way people think about health, strategy and performance and he initiates a new paradigm on how they can live to their highest life’s potential. He writes and films regularly for a number of international print and online publications.

June 2013 Meeting – Jayes Vora


Life is full of opposites and none is probably more relevant to us than our experience of relationships, capable of creating either happiness and joy, or pain and suffering, and the mid-point offers no solace because it is numbness.

The attendees learnt simple and practical ways, distilled from the most astute teachers on our planet, to increase the time spent in joy and decrease the time spent suffering.

The thought provoking strategies presented and the continued use of them are empowering in the continued life journey, rather than offering short term pain relief. Those who habitually experience pain or numbness may initially see more short term pain whilst facing their own truths, short term pain that makes way for a profoundly better future. Keep Calm – You have a supportive peer group.

May 2013 Meeting – Discover your Talents & Strengths

Discover your Talents & Strengths

We can say with certainty that Tiger Woods has a talent for playing golf and Michael Schumacher had a talent for racing F1 cars. Yet how many of us are aware of our own talents and strengths? To what level of detail are we aware?

How articulate are we, to be able to convey our talents, strengths in a productive way to the people around us so we have the best opportunity to do what we are great at, love doing and can repeatedly succeed at?

In an ever rapidly changing world, frequent job role or even entire career changes are now the norm. How self aware are you, to be able to navigate through these changes and actually progress?

Knowing your own preferred working style and styles of those in your team will help save countless moments of frustration and knowing your talents and strengths in great detail will allow you to maximise your success and fulfilment.

This was an opportunity to get to know ourselves and each other in way we have not done before and take our peer group learning and contribution to the next level as we shared world class tools and strategies with each other, to help get the results we desire.

The DISC profiler is on Tony Robbins website, takes 15 minutes to complete and is free: Jayes coached us all in our results having taken the time to review them before the meeting.

April 2013 Meeting – Ben Kench

From The Heart – A Better Way to Live

A lively warm and frank session where Ben Kench helped us see a ‘better way’ than the stressful rushed and ‘cold’ world that many of us see around us and experience each day.

As the author of ‘Selling For Dummies’ Ben is widely recognised as a expert in the art of ‘Selling’ but as he points out “sales is in fact a life skill…and there is a better way to sell and live than money first cash n grab mindset”.

Ben is a sought after speaker at all major UK exhibitions and his passion for life and business improvement along with his character and ‘real’ style mean that we privileged to hear about his ‘secret’ to being happier AND making more money

March 2013 Meeting – Emma James

Impostor Syndrome – The Devil Within

Emma James, originally from Belfast and now a resident of Manchester, has spoken all over the world as a Master Therapist, working with private clients and organisations including RAF, Manchester United FC, Saudi royal family, she is a performance coach to elite athletes and is herself a current world record holder in her category as a power lifter having held 35 other power lifting titles on a world, European and national level, she not only talks about success but importantly walks her talk and will guide us into helping us overcome the internal voice that sabotages us. We so deserved, (perhaps it was luck…?) to have Emma speak for us in January this year when she shared a simple to do and yet very effective technique to be able to perform under pressure and we look forward to welcoming her again so she can share her practical wisdom with us.

The challenge is that about 70% plus of successful people do not have the corresponding feeling of fulfilment as they internally feel like an impostor or a fake despite all the external and visible signs of success such as titles, wealth, position in society and recognition.

These negative thoughts of unworthiness are not limited in the hours between 9am to 5pm but carried into other areas of lives such as intimate relationships, family and friends. When relationships become stressed there is a negative effect on work and so beginning a crazy and vicious cycle.

People suffer as they procrastinate, exhibit poor confidence, have chronic self doubt, avoid opportunities for growth, self-sabotage their development, hate receiving praise and recognition as the internal voice keeps saying they are a fake and they do not deserve it. Some people repeatedly take on huge stress creating, over bearing workloads to try and counteract their emotions of being an undeserving fake or thought that their success was just luck of the draw. Any internal conflict is a big drain on the bodies valuable energy and that often leads to over-eating, smoking, consuming excessive caffeine or even substance misuse in an attempt to recreate a feeling of energy, again adding to the vicious cycle of “being an impostor”.

February 2013 Meeting – Haider Imam

Become a ‘Yes Magnet’

Our greatest and most valuable ideas amount to nothing if we can’t galvanise and commit an audience to say, “Yes!” and move in our direction. And nowadays, time is scarce, competition is fierce and authority is less valued, meaning we can less reliably pull rank as boss or parent for example.

However, the good news is that there’s a significant gap between what science knows and what people do when it comes to getting instant commitment. And in this fast-paced, light-hearted interactive talk, Haider Imam (UK Sales Trainer of the Year 2007, Director of So in Flow and author of ‘Straight to Yes: asking with confidence and getting what you want’) will share with you some of his favourite practical insights and techniques for becoming a ‘Yes Magnet’ that have earned his clients tens of millions of pounds over the last few years they attribute to from working with Haider.

January 2013 Meeting – Emma James

It was another awesome night for YES Group Manchester with Emma James giving us a real treat at January’s meeting. Emma holds:

  • 3 World Powerlifting Champion titles – and current World Champion.
  • European Champion Powerlifting titles.
  • British Powerlifting titles.

She is also a Certified Trainer and Master Practitioner of NLP, Time Line Therapy and Hypnotherapy and helps people increase their expectations, performance and help people move forward after radical changes in their lives. She works with people of all backgrounds including elite athletes, leading organizations and companies around the world. Examples include RAF, Manchester United FC, HSBC and by appointment to the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia.

Performance Under Pressure

Have you ever noticed the first time you attempt something you can get a “beginners luck” effect and then when you try to repeat it, it all goes wrong? Or being in a pressured environment, the actions you know so well and come so easily suddenly become difficult and the results you get impaired or just plain fall to pieces? From traders and CEO’s to elite athletes – it is all the same.

We looked at why it happens, what makes us susceptible to pressure, what goes wrong and HOW to change it.

December 2012 Meeting – Basket Brigade 2012

The YES Group Manchester delivered baskets in the Manchester area to delighted and surprised people.
Inspired by Tony Robbins

The International Basket Brigade is built on a simple notion: one small act of generosity on the part of one caring person can transform the lives of hundreds. It takes only one light to dispel the darkness, and even just one basket or a few, to bring hope! A Basket Brigade takes place when one individual prepares one basket to personally deliver to a needy family or individual.

Read the Basket Brigade Page for more information.

November 2012 Meeting – Eric Edmeades

WildFit – An Evolutionary Guide to Increased Energy, Better Sex and an Outstanding Quality of Life.

Every living thing on earth has a diet, what is yours?

Eric was immediately entertaining, very knowledgeable and extremely compelling — he inspired us to take action and make measurable changes to our lifestyle.
In talking about THE WILD DIET Eric took us to exotic locations – past and present — and we learnt about human evolution and the ideal Human Diet.
We learnt…

  • Why certain foods — not the ones you think — tell our bodies to store fat.
  • How food marketers are using ancient human instincts to poison us.
  • How to easily lose weight without having to exercise.
  • One food to stop eating that will instantly result in weight loss.
  • 7 small changes you can make to your daily life that will increase your fitness.
  • What cravings really mean and how to overcome them.

… and many things that pharmaceutical companies just don’t want you to know.